Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here we go. A look at my Creating Cave.

So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon since all of my friends over at Art Heavens Creations Friendship are showing us where they go to create I'm gonna jump right in and share mine too..

*****Just be warned***** I am ADHD, so my room is chaos and I no matter how hard I try or new creative storage idea I come up with it just seems to always look like this. Someday I'll get my hubby to build me one of those nice cabinets so I can hide my mess.. lol..

Here is a picture of my room from the door..

This is the place I sit down to do all of my crafting. I used to sit on the floor even though I have plenty of table space it seems to be where I do my best work. This is an old coffee table we used to have in our old house. I put the piece of fabric over it because stored under it are my paints, metal embellishments, a box of printed templates and a few other baskets of goodies.

This shelf is used for storing all of my scrapbooks, most of them empty. Idea books I do not use very often, paint chips, mosaic tiles, scrap pads, watercolor sets, scissors, etc.

This is my desk. I spend most of my time right in the chair on the computer lol.. Need to figure out how to get some crafting done. The iris cart under it is all of my embossing powders, then my printer station, rubber stamps, I have other misc. items stored underneath also stationary, ink pink collection, books. I love to read.

Then of course I had to get a close up of my most favorite stamps. I keep the rest in the dresser.

This is the start of the other side of my desk. Glues, etc. Misc tools and supplies.

Yahoo, my favorite part. My Cricut..

This cart is full of stickers, don't know why I have so many I don't use them.

12 X 12 Paper, ribbons, pens, and a tackle box full of eyelets.

My Sizzix station, templates, basket of wire, and some misc.

Fibers and unwrapped ribbon.

This dresser is full of rubber stamps, most of them I've never used. Hmmmm

Ok last one, more 12 X 12 paper storage I'm running outta room lol..

Alright I'm so sorry if this has too many graphics. I'm not the best picture taker lol..

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all abundant blessings,



  1. Tami, I love your ART space! Don't we all have a whole lot of fun! Diann

  2. Wow!!! You have LOTS of crafty things to play with! I'm jealous! :) And I just love your gingham tablecloth :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your ART Haven, Tami!! So FUN to see where others create.

  4. Wow you have such a big craft room! Lucky you!

  5. I want to come over and play! Lots of great stuff and if it works for you, that's all that's important!

  6. Girl, you have lots of stuff. Good the you joined us at The Frugal Scrapper so you can use some of it up! ;o)

  7. You've got it! thanks for sharing!