Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok First you have to meet Oz

So who is Oz? Well Oz is a Turkey of course. We met Oz about 2 years ago as a hatch ling and brought him home with 11 other turkeys, 5 males 6 females. Well in the turkey world (and chicken world) there is 1 dominant male, Oz was that 1 male in the turkey pen. Until 1 day all 4 other turkeys jumped him and almost killed him. Well I won't stand for that I was so mad the other 4 almost became turkey dinner right then and there. Oz was in pretty bad shape, so bad he let me pick him up; that was quite the sight to see me carrying a 25 pound turkey to the garage so he could heal. He healed but it took him months to be accepted back into the flock. In the mean time he was able to free range (the others were not allowed to they jumped Oz every time I let them out). Oz has become my friend! He eats out of my hand, walks up to me when I walk outside to do "critter duty". I just think he's adorable.

We have been having issues with a predator!! All 6 of our hens are now gone. 5 were plucked right off their nests and 1 last week plucked right off her babies. I am devastated. I tried like crazy to catch her 6 babies and bring them to the brooder that we have and was able to catch 3, but they are quick little buggers. lol.. I was so worried about them, but no need to be... Oz to the rescue! To my amazement Oz has taken to these babies and is "mothering" them. Last night he sat down on the ground and let them crawl under his tummy to get warm. How sweet is that? They follow him around like he is their momma, it's just too stinking cute.. So now Oz has 4 babies to look after and he is loving it, but he won't come near me now, he is afraid I'll take the babies and yes he has 4 because 1 managed to get out of the brooder and get back to it's siblings.

Wishing you abundant blessings,

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