Thursday, July 2, 2009

New arrivals

It has been super busy here and today I woke up to a nice surprise. While standing at the kitchen sink making some more morning coffee, I was stunned to see one of my girl ducks stroll past the window with a HUGE line of baby ducks behind her, 17 in all!! I'm so excited she was the second duck to sit on her own eggs but the first to be successful. Our first lady was stolen in the night by, I believe a raccoon. We have two more gals sitting on eggs 1 I can not find, but the other is right out by the boat with 11 eggs. I am so hoping they are both as successful. Here are a few pictures of the new babies.

Here is the new momma, she was so upset at me. I had to back off to get her to stop giving me dirty looks lol..

Ok, last one here is one with her and 16 of the babies, for some reason I was unable to get them all in one photo. Although 1 baby might be hiding under her.

Ok I took a ton more but I won't make you suffer through them all. I get worked up when my girls hatch their own babies, it's so neat..

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