Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been busy on the Farm!!!

I am so excited it's been busy here. I just had to share. I have been waiting anxiously for my chicken, who has been sitting on eggs, to hatch them. It felt like FOREVER. Well last night she surprised me with 3 new babies. I love it, she even lets me hold them.

Here are a few pics to share:

Here is Momma:

I don't want to forget about my Goose. She is such a good little momma too. Here are her new babies.

I do not know why it's so exciting for me to have my hens hatch their own babies. My husband and I hatch chicks daily in three different incubators. Maybe it's the natural process of things, but I am so happy for my two new mommas.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. You have an adorable blog & I look forward to many more wonderful posts from you.

    --Gracie from Imagine That